Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Morning Person Is No More

It seems like the calm, collected morning person of the past is gone. I am not sure where that other person has gone to but she is no more. I want to sleep late but my son is now the morning person rising at the crack of dawn. I hear him open his door and turn on the light, I hear him go potty and then the banging on the wall starts as he attempts to awaken his family. I use to be able to rise at the crack of dawn ready to start the day but no more. Maybe it's going to bed too late or lack of exercise, I don't know but I want that person back. I would like to arise before everyone else and be able to have some of the morning to myself without having to worry about starting breakfast or getting everyone up and dressed for what lays ahead. My morning cup of coffee is a rushed experience which use to be a leisurely start to my day. I'll have to find the answer to my problem in order to be more relaxed and not so harried in the mornings.

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djuggler said...

Ah ha! He's got Noah Syndrome.