Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Trying to Set an Example for Your Children is Hard

I have never been a fan of mushrooms but, Matt is so I try to make them for him every now and then. Tonight I made a hamburger patty smothered with gravy and mushrooms. As I was serving the plates I realized that the mushrooms were not quite finished. So I went ahead and served the food intending to add the mushrooms after the blessing. Matt went to get the mushrooms and put some on his plate then asked who wanted mushrooms. I usually avoid drawing attention to what is served so as to not influence the kids tastes. Since Matt drew attention and Gabe said he didn't want them I told Matt that I wanted some. I even ate some which was not all that enjoyable but I felt it was necessary. Matt went ahead and put some on both the kids plates and Gabe did try them. He said he liked them but did not eat much at all tonight. I guess it's as the doctor said it's quality not quanity that is important right now. Gabe did eat some of the brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.

Here's a story that goes along with what happened tonight.

I remember when I was pregnant with Gabe that one of the teachers at school said that they had a rainbow at every meal when she was growing up. She said that her mother served almost every vegetable under the sun. She also said that she was an adult before she knew her mother did not like some of the things she served the family. I asked if she ate them anyway or if she just didn't notice her not eating it. Her reply was that they used a lot of cheese whiz at their meals. Now that I have a somewhat picky toddler I understand this much better. I guess it's time to buy some cheese whiz and smother some veggies.

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