Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Tommy!!!

Today is my nephew Tommy's birthday. On Saturday we had a family birthday party a Ben and Jerry's. This was a wonderful idea and fun place to have a birthday party. Tommy was very happy being the center of attention which I can understand. At Ben and Jerry's the kids got to make a Tie Dye t-shirt which was much fun for everyone involved. Then everyone got to see what was in the back room and got to walk into the freezer which was -10 degrees F. The kids got a real kick out of that!!!! Afterwards they got to choose two different ice creams for sundaes. Then they got to add their own toppings. After all the eating Tommy got to put his hand print, name and birthday on the wall. What a great place to have a birthday party. Kudos to Doug and Cathy!!! Thanks for including us.

Happy 15th Tommy

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