Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Never Leave Your Sewing Out

Last week I was working on smocking a dress for my niece I had finished a row and had one more to go but it was late so I set it aside to finish the next day. I forgot it was on the couch along with my floss and scissors. Gabe later comes walking over to me and hands me my scissors. As soon as I saw them my heart stopped and my stomach did a flop, I knew what to expect. I walked over to the dress and picked it up and inspected it. Sure enough Gabe had cut the dress. Unfortunatly it was in a place that could not hide it with a seam or hem. I am having to start over and am not happy about it. I called Stitcher's Playhouse and they have pleated up a new dress for me and I should be getting either today or tomorrow. I will now need to work overtime to get it finished before winter so that it can be worn this year.

Gabe BTW received timeout in his room as we have had this discussion about using scissors before. He knows that scissors should only be used when he asks permission and when he is using them on paper. I was not happy in the least and did not react well I do have to say. I have not been that mad in a long time. I was more mad at myself than at him though. It was a stupid thing for me to do.

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