Saturday, June 25, 2005

We had an enjoyable visit with some friends on their way to Knoxville, TN from South Bend, IN. They have been married for just over a year and seem very happy despite all the misfortunes they have encountered along the way. I am very happy to say that Steve will be having his last chemo treatment next Thursday and he looks clear. They found out he had cancer shortly after their beautiful baby girl was born. I am glad that things are looking up for them.

After they left we enjoyed swimming in the pool for a couple of hours before lunch and naptime. We have had a very enjoyable weekend so far. In a few minutes my son and I will be making homemade ice cream. I have not done this in years and I am looking forward to it. I have very fond memories of my mother making homemade ice cream and just the anticipation of it was, I think, the most rewarding.

Does anyone have any good homemade ice cream recipes they would like to share?

I hope eveyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!

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