Tuesday, June 21, 2005

CAT scans are no fun.

I had my CAT scan today, with a barium contrast. For those of you who have had this done you already know it's awful stuff. I wasn't bad at first, what is really the problem is the amount you have to consume (900mL). What the doctor's office didn't tell me was that I would have a iodine IV as well. I hate needles. And why is it that they never listen to you about your veins. Ever since giving blood in high school the same veins have been used. I realized she was going for a vein on my forearm and mentioned that everyone always use a different one. She said, "This one looks better." The needle did not fit so this meant she had to stick me a second time. If she had only listened I would not have a huge bruise my three year old keeps point at and saying, "Mommy has a hurt." In the end she ended up using the vein I'd shown her in the first place.

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